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Eco Friendly Packaging

We all have a vital part to play when it comes to taking care of and doing what’s right for our planet. So, while the main purpose of your packaging is to ensure that your products arrive in tip top condition, while showcasing your brand, we also believe that limiting any environmental impact should also be a priority where possible.

For many organisations, the beginning of a sustainability journey can be a little overwhelming, especially when you realise that it's not just the packaging materials themselves, but also their manufacture, transportation, and storage that all bare a significant impact.

At LancoPak, our holistic approach to sustainable packaging will consider your entire supply chain, we will identify visible and hidden improvements across your operation, helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.

We will ask the sustainability questions that matter…

Does it fit?

It goes without saying that your products need to fit inside their box – but can more economical packaging be utilised? By opting for a more considered packaging solution, with minimal wasted space and just the right amount of protective cushioning, your parcels can travel cheaper, lighter and with reduced CO2.

Is it fit for travel?

An optimised packaging solution means that more stock can travel on each pallet, this will significantly reduce the number of journeys needed to transport products and supplies, saving on fuel consumption, time, and CO2 emissions.

Do you want less returns?

Returns are part and parcel of online trading but returns as a result of damage can become a problem of the past. A carefully designed, ecofriendly packaging solution will ensure that products arrive at their destination intack, reducing the need for returns and replacements which drive up your CO2 emissions.

Do you automate deliveries?

Our audit process will identify how often your packaging supplies will need replenishing. Once we have your new packaging solution in place, we can automate your orders and deliveries. Ensuring you only receive stock when you need it – reducing you CO2 emissions associated with transportation and storage.

Is it worth your reputation?

As we all become more aware of our individual CO2 consumption, many customers are now making purchasing decisions based on a brands sustainability credentials. Wasteful, non-sustainable packaging can impact brand perception and lead to customers seeking alternative solutions elsewhere.


Our five-step sustainability process

Identify the need.

Companies who are working towards their sustainability mission are already reaping the benefits and building a stronger more sustainable business for the future.

Give us a call.

We are a team of sustainable packaging experts, that access your entire supply chain and operation. We will begin by asking a few simple questions and arrange a visit your premises.

We’ll do the leg work.

Our team will source a range of sustainable alternatives, all of our recommendations will carefully consider how to reduce, reuse and recycle within your internal and external operation.

Presentation of holistic approach

It’s not just the packaging itself, but also how it travels, how much it weighs, even how it's stored. We will present all our findings so you can see exactly where all your CO2 saving can be made.