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Packaging costs are just the beginning

Running a business is time consuming work, and for many organisations the day-to-day management of ongoing operations means that cost management can often fall on the back foot. At LancoPak, we are experts in identifying, reducing and in some cases, completely eliminating costs. Our team are here to ease the time and financial burden associated with your packaging costs, leaving you with more time and funds to invest right where it matters more.

When we talk about the cost of packaging, many businesses initially think we are solely talking about the cost of packaging materials, but this is just one of the visible surface costs and in most cases only forms a small element of our cost reduction audit.

Getting from A to B with less CO2

We all know that transporting packaging supplies has associated costs, but few people realise that it's much more than just miles travelled. The right packaging partner can recommend and source packaging materials that perfectly match your requirements, without compromise to strength or quality.  These adjustments can lead to saved inches and grams, this optimisation across several pallets can yield big savings.

Pallet optimisation is great news for your costs and CO2 emissions, with everything all palletised more efficiently, there is less wasted space, you can fit more in each trip, and you will require fewer, less frequent haulage trips.

Say goodbye to damages and avoidable returns.

We understand the importance of ensuring that your products arrive at their final destination in tip top condition, but is your current packaging solution up to the job? With a carefully considered packaging solution, we consider strength, quality and protection while ensuring that space optimisation isn’t compromised. The result – less damages, fewer returns and a reduction in transport costs. With fewer returns and less need to send replacement products, your CO2 is also reduced.

It's all in the supply chain.

Buying multiple packaging supplies from various sources can quickly lead to inefficiencies, increased costs and unnecessary admin. Our single source packaging solution is designed to completely streamline your packaging and fulfilment operation. Our expert team will assess all your business requirements, and source or custom produce bespoke packaging according to your requirements. This will all be available at the most competitive prices, on an optimised delivery and invoiced on a single invoice - giving your team more time to focus on what matters most.

Increase available space.

With an optimised and streamlined packaging solution, many of our customers find that their packaging supplies are lighter and more compact than their previous materials. This enables more effective stacking and storage in your warehouse and mailing rooms, and aids improvements in productivity.